Meccano Pagani Huayra Roadster

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  • 295 Parts
  • 2 Real tools
  • 1 Sticker sheet and 1 Instruction sheet for 1 model
Car enthusiasts have good reason to be excited: meet the Pagani Huayra Roadster from Meccano (formerly Erector). This model sports car, designed for building novices, is the perfect introduction to the fun and intellectually stimulating world of S.T.E.M toys. With 295 real metal parts, real tools, decals, and an instruction sheet, this car comes with everything your child needs to build this iconic Italian hyper car. For a sleek finish, this vehicle features FLEXTech panels, made of pliable plastic. The unique bend of these panels accurately recreates the smooth lines of the carbon fiber covering the real roadster. Once everything is bolted into place, your child can use poseable steering to position this 11” inch long car as they like. Not only will this cool car appeal to your child’s love of sleek sports vehicles, it will also engage your child in creative play that develops their critical thinking, problem solving and logical reasoning skills.


  • The Meccano (formerly Erector) Pagani Huayra is a S.T.E.M toy designed to use creative play as a way for kids to develop problem solving, critical thinking and logical reasoning skills.
  • Use the 296 real metal parts, including new FLEXTech panels to recreate the iconic Italian sports car in your own home!
  • This sleek and stylish model hyper car comes with a poseable front wheels.
  • This model vehicle is recommended for kids aged 10+. Novice complexity level. 1-3 hour build time. No batteries required.