Tiny Love Explore & Play Apple Baby Toy

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Let's discover! Fun apple-shaped activity toy that’s full of surprises and wonder
  • The Explore & Play Apple opens up to reveal 4 fun activities that support the development of fine motor and cognitive skills.
  • Full of surprises, this colorful apple invites baby to explore and experiment: rattle, press, roll, open and close.
  • Versatile and easy to take along, this toy is excellent for a variety of playing areas and positions (lying on the back, on the tummy, sitting).
  • Rolls around on the floor, encouraging baby to follow and practice crawling
  1. Push-and-pop caterpillar
  2. Bright rattling beads
  3. Leaf ring connector for on-the-go play
  4. Colorful bead chaser and mirror
  5. Soft, crinkly leaf
  6. Spinning wheel with flower
0-3 months

Let your baby use hands and mouth to explore the toy while on the back or tummy. Soon, baby will gain the ability to roll the apple intentionally.

3-6 months

Let baby enjoy playing with the inspiring activities hiding inside the apple in a more sophisticated way while in the tummy time position or even sitting up.

6+ months

Use the toy to encourage baby’s creeping and crawling, helping baby make the extra effort to move forward and reach the rolling apple.