Cry Babies Dressy Jenna Baby Doll

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Discover our Cry Babies Dressy Fantasy Jenna with her lovely big crystal eyes and her shiny coloured hair. Soft to touch and super cute, Jenna loves to be looked after. She needs to be loved, dressed up and carried around just like a real baby. She makes crying sounds and cries when she loses her pacifier. Put the pacifier again to stop her crying or cuddle her and rock her in your arms. With her giant crystal eyes and multicolour hair, children will easily fall under her spell. Dressy Fantasy Jenna is wearing a cute set of clothes, a pair of little shoes and a matching pacifier. Real baby sounds and real tears make Cry Babies a child's best ally. They should take care of her and love her very much.

Features and Benefits:

  • Jenna is a fully interactive doll.
  • She has pretty glass eyes; soft multi-coloured hair; and a very soft-to-touch face.
  • She cries real tears when she doesn't have her dummy; put it back in her mouth and she will stop crying.
  • Cry Babies offer a fun way to develop childrens imagination and help them express their feelings.
  • She comes with a set of changeable clothes & shoes.
  • She makes over 10 realistic baby sounds.

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