Disney Frozen Elsa Fashion Doll

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After Elsa's ice powers are revealed during the Coronation Day celebration, she flees the Kingdom of Arendelle to the North Mountain. Here, she embraces her true self and reinvents her look, donning a beautiful icy blue dress. DISNEY'S FROZEN ELSA: This Elsa doll is a great start to a children's Disney's Frozen collection with one of her favorite characters from the big screen. Ella's ICONIC MOVIE-INSPIRED OUTFIT: Ella's icy blue bodice is in the style of Ella's dress from the first Disney Frozen movie with a removable blue skirt and cape. LONG BLONDE HAIR: Kids will love playing with Elsa doll's long blonde hair, styled in a twisted braid just like in the movie. APPROXIMATELY 11 INCHES TALL

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