LEGO® DOTS Adhesive Patches Mega Pack DIY Craft Kit 41957

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  Pieces: 486

  Ages: 6+ Years

  Model Number: 41957


Surprise an arts-and-crafts fan with a hands-on kit featuring 5 adhesive 8x8 patches and 450+ colourful tiles (including 10 decorated tiles).

Got a kid aged 6 and over who wants to decorate everything and loves arts-and-crafts activities? They can fulfil both passions with this fun LEGO® DOTS Adhesive Patches Mega Pack (41957) kit! This creative set features 5 8x8 adhesive patches in bright colours that stick to any hard, level surface, 450+ colourful tiles, including 10 random decorated tiles, and a tile remover. Kids can easily and intuitively create 1 big design or several smaller ones to suit their passion and show off their style, and then redesign the patches whenever they wish.

Decorate all the things
DOTS sets introduce kids to the joy of LEGO play and creativity as they make and decorate the different toy kits. Anything goes with this creative mega pack of 5 adhesive patches because the magic and control lie in a child’s imagination. Premium-quality DOTS sets make a fun anytime gift for creative kids to join the hottest trends.

Stick your style anywhere with the Adhesive Patches Mega Pack! Lay the LEGO® DOTS adhesive 8x8 patches out and add the colourful tiles in a pattern that’s uniquely yours – one big design or several small ones – then stick them on any straight, hard surface. Find inspiration inside the box, or set your creativity free and show off what you can do! Ready for a change? Redesign them any time!

• Design, stick, show off x5 – Treat a trendsetting child with a passion for crafts to a LEGO® DOTS Adhesive Patches Mega Pack (41957) activity kit. The creative fun starts when they open the tray

• Creativity everywhere – Kids can boost their imagination and design skills as they play with the mega pack, featuring 5 8x8 adhesive patches in different colours, 450+ tiles and an inspiration leaflet

• Imagination in a tray – This LEGO® DOTS set works on its own for fun, sticky originality. Kids can also use any of the Extra DOTS bags or Lots of DOTS boxes (sold separately) to expand their designs

• High-quality gift for ages 6+ – Any arts-and-crafts fan will love this customisable kit. The 8x8 patches and coloured and decorated tiles make a fun gift for kids ready to set trends on the playground

• Pocket-sized design fun – With the 8x8 patches each measuring over 6 cm (2.5 in.) square, there’s lots of space for kids to be creative and show off their style wherever they choose to stickthem

• Decorating starts right away – Easy-to-follow inspiration in the tray makes creating a snap, with lots of colourful tiles for kids to really make a statement anywhere or everywhere

• Design confidence and freedom – This LEGO® DOTS kit represents open creativity. The ready-to-decorate patches offer bite-sized chances to build children’s ingenuity and poise through fun

• Unlimited play and self-expression – LEGO® DOTS sets introduce kids to the joy of LEGO play through creating and customising their own creative craft items

• Uncompromising quality – Ever since 1958, LEGO® components have met stringent industry standards to ensure they connect consistently

• Safety first – LEGO® components are dropped, heated, crushed, twisted and analysed to make sure this Adhesive Patches Mega Pack meets rigorous global safety standards

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