LEGO® DOTS Rainbow Bracelet with Charms DIY Bracelet Kit 41953

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  Pieces: 37

  Ages: 6+ Years

  Model Number: 41953


Boost a DIY fan’s love of all things rainbow with this bracelet kit, featuring tiles and charms in bright colours for endless design possibilities.

Create a design to fit you with this rainbow-inspired kit

Arts-and-crafts fans can show off all the colours of the rainbow with this LEGO® DOTS Rainbow Bracelet with Charms (41953) set. This kit, made for kids aged 6+, includes an adjustable red bracelet, 2 charm bases and 2 dangling heart charms, plus lots of rainbow-inspired tiles. The bracelet is ready to decorate and kids can make it totally theirs to suit their outfit or mood.

Open-ended creative activities
The rainbow-inspired set has a bracelet in red, plus 36 tiles including 2 charm bases,2 unique, attachable heart-shaped charms, lots of coloured tiles and 8 rainbow-decorated tiles. The bag has lots of inspiration to help spark kids’ imaginations.

Self-expression unleashed
DOTS kits introduce kids to the joy of LEGO play as they make and decorate the sets. Anything goes with this bracelet because the magic and control lie in a child’s imagination. DOTS craft sets make great, unexpected treats or a fun birthday gift for creative kids.

Decorate, share, do it again! Lay the LEGO® DOTS bracelet out flat and create glorious designs with coloured tiles. Add the fun rainbow-decorated tiles, then attach the bright red charm base and red heart charm to show off your style. Ready for a change? Redesign the bracelet to fit any mood, or swap and share with family or friends! #youDOTyou

• Design, wear, share – Treat a fan of rainbows to this LEGO® DOTS Rainbow Bracelet with Charms (41953) craft kit and give them some creative fun. Play starts right out of the bag

• Colourful designs on display – Kids can stretch their skills as they play with the kit, which has an adjustable bracelet in red, plus 36 tiles including rainbow decorations and heart charms

• Creativity in a bag – This set works on its own for quick, imaginative activities. Kids can also use the different LEGO® DOTS Extra DOTS bags (sold separately) to expand their designs

• DIY gift for ages 6+ – Any arts-and-crafts fan will love this customisable kit. The sturdy bracelet, colourful tiles and charms can be given as a Christmas gift or a little extra treat for kids

• Small and totally portable – The bracelet measures over 20 cm (7.5 in.) long, so there’s plenty of space for kids to be creative, decorate and redecorate it any time, any place

• What will young designers come up with first? – Easy-to-follow inspiration on the packaging makes creativity a snap and means decorating starts right away

• Design freedom and confidence – This LEGO® DOTS kit represents open creativity. The ready-to-decorate bracelet offers bite-sized chances to build children’s imagination and poise through fun

• Unlimited play and self-expression – LEGO® DOTS sets offer kids the joy of LEGO play through creating and customising their own jewellery, wearables or room decor items

• Uncompromising quality – Ever since1958, LEGO® components have met stringent industry standards to ensure they connect consistently

• Safety first – LEGO® components are dropped, heated, crushed, twisted and analysed to make sure they meet rigorous global safety standards


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